Favorite Fitness Channels

In need of a little workout? Feeling sluggish, tired and shiftless, but you cannot afford or don’t want to pay a gym membership, as prices can range from 15€ up to 120€ a month in some areas. I know they do in mine, and trust me if I tell you that you do not want to visit the 15€ per month gym.


The good thing is, you do not need a gym in the times of YouTube, as there is an abundance of fitness channels on the market. Some good, and some not so good. So today, I want to share my favorite ones with you.

The wife and husband couple Kellie and Daniel are on YouTube for over 7 years already, and offer more than 500 free workout videos, ranging from short 15 mins HIIT training, stretching sessions, 5 days challenges to 1k workout routines.
Their videos aren`t sponsored, so there is no chitchat going on at the start of the video, they get right to the point.
I personally enjoy this the most, because I want to start right away with my workout.

Cassey Ho is probably one of the most famous fitness instructors on YouTube. Her channel got more than 3 million subs and more than 300 million views. Her famous Cardio/Pilates mixture transformed hundreds of Popsters, how she calls her followers, already.

With her own fitnessclothingline the step further into her fitness journey and fulfilled a lifelong dream.

A huge bonus of Cassey`s channel are with no doubt her free workout plans on her website, which are tailored for every month, so you won’t ever find yourself getting bored by doing the same routine over and over again, as Cassey got more than 400 videos to choose from to make you break a sweat.

BodyFit By Amy
One of the smaller Channels, but nonetheless a great one is BodyFit By Amy. I came to know her by searching for Kettlebell workouts. The now fresh mom features a wide range of workouts on her channel, even Prenatal and Postnatal workouts.

Her channel is definitely worth a visit.

Even though is just mentioned my  3 favorite channels, there is more than enough for you to choose from.
You certainly do not need a gym to get fit, or just do something good for your body. Just grab you workout clothes, or something you feel comfy in and some weights, which can be soup cans or water bottles as well.
For the more busty ladies out there I only would highly recommend a good sports bra, since the support is needed, specially during HIIT workouts.

Other than that nothing is stopping you from breaking a healthy sweat. So do not stop yourself and just start.


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