Fashion changes, but style endures

This quote by Coco Chanel made me think. What is style? Fashion? Lifestyle? A certain style of music? Way of life? Style is you, and everything you choose to be.

Juicy couture swimsuit

Be it punk, a vegan, a rapper, a cook, a car enthusiast, a wanderer or couchpotatoe. It doesn`t matter what your style is, even if it is everything together. Style is what you choose to be, how you choose to live, and what makes you happy. Sometimes it can be hard to find, sometimes it can be clouded by all the influence of the things that “in fashion” right now. But this is what style is to me, it`s me.

I`m a vegetarian for almost 12 years now, I`ve chose it, I support it and it makes me happy. You can say it`s my style of eating. It may change one day one day, but this is what I`m right now. And even if it would change, it would still be style. Because having your own style means nothing else, at least to me, than being true to yourself. Showing the world who you are and being proud of it.

Nowadays we are bombarded with ways we have to be, have to live and have to dream even. So on this little corner of the internet I want to show and tell you who I am, how I like to live and what I`m dreaming about.
I want to share my style.

Be stilish.


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