Keep it natural

In the spirit of trying to give my skin some well needed rest I switched up my skin care quite a bit and I´m seeing good results with this. As in having less breakouts and skin irritation in general.

The first thing some of you probably know already and that I love to recommend to anyone is coconut oil. It is an amazingly cheap cleanser, moisturizer, hairmask, massageoil etc. Coconutoil is my holy grail product.

A cream that I fell in love with is this organic moisturizer from Lavera. Lavera is skin care brand that I came to love after my boyfriend kindly got my one of their facemasks as gift.
Since using this organic mintfluid I can notice a huge change in my overall skin complexion.
While I still do have hormonal breakouts during that time of the month I´m free from all other breakouts, I love it.

Another good and trusty organic skin care brand is Alverde. Their products are a bit cheaper in price but nonetheless amazing in quality.
My favorite cream of theirs so far is the Medicina Clay Fluid. Which works great for acneprone skin. The only thing I dont like that much is the included alcohol that does dry out my skin. Because of that I´m only using this cream as a spottreatment, which does work quite well.

Have you ever thought about switching your skin care to a more organic one from time to time? Or are you using organic skincare already? If so, is there a good brand that you could recommend?


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