Sunday is pancake day

Sundays are for sleeping in, cuddling your loved one, enjoying your day off from duties and work. And Sundays are for pancakes.

Keep it natural

In the spirit of trying to give my skin some well needed rest I switched up my skincare quite abit and I´m seeing good results with this. As in having less breakouts and skin irritation in general.

Signature Scent

I guess everyone has one. That one perfume that you love to put on the most. The one that makes you feel confident, beautiful, unstopable even. That one perfume that is just you. It fits you like nothing else and you love it more than any other perfume in your collection.
It is your gem. It is you.

Dewy Skin

Dewy skin!
This primer gives my skin a subtle glow, which I adore. It´s not a strong glow, so if you are looking for that, I would recommend a highlighter on top at the end of your makeup routine. But if you are looking for that natural dewy skin look, this primer is for you.

Skin Detox

One new years resolution I´m sticking to so far (well, it´s just been a week) is having a “skin detox routine”. I never really used to have one. I occasionally applied a facemask or gave my face a deep clean, but i never stuck to a set routine.
This is something I really want to and need to change this year.

Going green

A new year, a new start.
Comes new year most of us are driven by the spirit of a healthier lifestyle. May it be eating healthier, exercising, sleeping more and better or overall paying more attention to our body.
While paying attention to what we put into our body to be healthy is common knowledge by now, what about the things that we put onto our body?

Flowers during Winter

While the winterair is cold and crisp and filled with heavy smells of roasted goodness and sweets, some of us still might want to reach for that delicate flowery scents.
I long for these all year round. No matter if nature is in full blossom or coverd in white snow.

The 5 a.m. workout

It may sound crazy, but I love to workout early, super early. At 5 a.m. to be precise. Yes I could lie in, but I don’t want to. Are you insane may some of you ask right now, but let me tell you some benefits I experienced from working out first thing in the morning…

My everyday haircare routine

Frizzy hair, dry ends and no shine left. That is how my hair looks if i just let it be during the cold winter months. It´s a mess.

Fuller looking lashes

Who doesn´t like them? Long and thick black lashes that give the eyes that glamorous effect.